Is Kim Jong Nam the DPRK’s Fredo? #rsrh

Pretender to the Throne?

Kim Jong Eun will be keeping an even more watchful eye on half-brother Kim Jong Nam after the latter told a Japanese newspaper that the dynastic system in North Korea is “not right”, according to a Blue House security official. There are even fears for the life of Kim Jong Il’s eldest son in diplomatic circles now that his father is gone.

In a bold attack on the country’s political system and new leader, Kim Jong Nam made the comments in an email published by Tokyo Shimbun on January 3rd, claiming, “Nobody in their right mind would find it easy to accept the 3rd generation succession,” before adding, “Doubts linger over whether 37 years of absolute power can be carried forward by a young leader after just two years of training.”

Kim had previously revealed his misgivings at the course of the North Korean leadership in an interview with the same newspaper last January, when he highlighted the point that even Maoist China didn’t attempt a hereditary succession.

My advice? Don’t go fishing, Nam.

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