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When Did the EPA Jump the Shark?

Iron Eyes Cody cried at the sight of polluted waters and skies in a famous public service announcement, first aired in 1971. Old Iron Eyes may have been a faux-Indian, but his message resonated with people. The Crying Indian PSA … Continue reading

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Oh, the Humanity! Wind Turbine Makes Like the Hindenburg

Blown away: gales wreck wind turbines as Scottish storm wreck havoc Gusts of up to 165mph were recorded in the Cairngorms in Aberdeenshire as gales brought travel chaos to Scotland and the North. A 100-metre tall wind turbine burst into … Continue reading

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North America’s Energy Bounty, By the Numbers

On Tuesday, the Institute for Energy Research issued its North American Energy Inventory (.pdf link), a report which documents the government’s own estimates of oil, natural gas and coal resources for the U.S., Canada and Mexico. (The IER is a … Continue reading

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In Defense of a Democrat

In its never-ending quest to stop the peril this country faces from natural gas, the New York Times takes on Rep. Dan Boren, the sole Democrat in Oklahoma’s congressional delegation. He co-chairs the House Natural Gas Caucus and serves as … Continue reading

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