First ‘Climategate’, now Astrology; ‘science’ scandals rock true believers’ faith. #rsrh

Link: First ‘Climategate’, now Astrology; ‘science’ scandals rock true believers’ faith. #rsrh

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What’s your sign? Double-check ‘new’ zodiac before answering

You think it’s an easy question to answer, right? However, a story published Sunday by an American news site has netizens scrambling to find if they have the correct answer.

A story by the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star-Tribune published on Sunday quoted Parke Kunkle, a board member of the Minnesota Planetarium Society, saying that the zodiac signs as we know it are off by a month.

It revealed a 13th sign — Ophiuchus — representing a man wrestling a serpent.

The sign was discarded by the Babylonians, because “they wanted only 12 signs per year,” the Star-Tribune story said.


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