Mainstream Lunacy

Yesterday morning, Kiran Chetry and some pretty-boy on CNN Morning expressed their shock and horror at the day’s Big Story: the death of a Sea World trainer at the hands flukes of a killer whale.

Huh? Why do you think they call them killer whales? Free Willy wasn’t a documentary, after all.

Why is anyone surprised when animals do what animals do? Killer whales are dangerous, and that’s the attraction. People aren’t flocking to see Sea World’s “Manatee Adventure”.

Remember when Roy (or was it Seigfried?) was mauled by his tiger? Rememberwhen that grizzly guy became grizzly chow?

The CNN anchors observed that, in the wild, orcas (a/k/a killer whales) are known to play with seals and dolphins, tossing them playfully in the air. Right. The same way I playfully toss M&M Peanuts in the air, before scarfing.

The lunacy continued, with Chetry/Pretty Boy seeking the answer to “Why did it happen?” “Maybe he [the killer whale] ran into a wall.” I honestly don’t know if they meant that literally or if it was an attempt at psycho-whale-babble.

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