Belgian Malinois Owners Cry Foul as Bichon Flynn Nabs Best In Show

BRUSSELS (AKC) – Dog owners worldwide expressed outrage over the surprise victory of Flynn, a Bichon Frise, as Best in Show at the Westminster Kennel Club Tuesday night.

Indeed, Belgian Malinois owners seemed to take the news the hardest.

In a prepared statement, Queen Mathilde of Belgium, titular head of the Organization Nationale pour le Chien Exquisite Malinois, said, “We were screwed!”

At a hastily-organized ONCEM press conference, Queen Mathilde produced a dossier of unflattering information about Flynn. Pictures purportedly tie Flynn to several unregistered bitches, including a Louisiana coonhound of unsavory pedigree.

Based on the dossier, the AKC has launched an investigation into suspected collusion between Flynn’s handlers and those of Vlad, the Russian Wolfhound Best-In-Breed. The handlers allegedly spread anti-Malinois stories to judges in the Working Group in an effort to sway their votes.

Malinois owners say it worked. One distraught Arlington, VA-based Malinois owner posted on Facebook, “Bichon Frises (sic) suck, that judge sucks, the Westminster Kennel Club sucks.” His identity is being kept secret in the interest of his safety.

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