‘What’s Wrong With This Picture’, Denver Edition


On a recent visit to the Mile High City, we stayed downtown. We visited the area near Union Station, an area that attracts all types of people.

One day, at mid-day, we saw a young man, mid-twenties maybe, sitting on the bench pictured above, holding the cardboard sign. He fit every stoner stereotype: skinny, dreads, stocking cap, and a dopey smile. He had fashioned the cardboard sign you see in the picture. (I’ll give him credit for that much initiative.) When accordioned open, it reads “WE NEED WEED”.

Openly panhandling for drug money is one thing. The funny thing is that this picture was taken while I was on my morning walk the next day about 8:00. This must be a valuable bench. Do panhandlers respect property rights? I assume the sign gimmick works for the kid — would a carpenter hold his parking space with his toolbox?


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