A Government [in Contempt] of the People #rsrh

Thanks to 100+ years of Progressivism, our Government (you know, the one designed to be of the people, by the people and for the people) has morphed into one that is upon the people, between the people and in contempt of the people.

From the shores of Tripoli ("First to fight for right and freedom!") it’s an incredibly short haul to the rooftops of Benghazi — "What difference does it make?"

This is the answer a free people deserves from its political class?

Our Veterans Administration allows extraneous goals like green energy to detract from its central mission of caring for those who have served and sacrificed. Oh, but the bonuses kept on coming.

But the IRS email scandal takes the prize for chutzpah. No artistry or subterfuge went into the "crashed hard drive" excuse. Somewhere, somebody said, "Let’s just go with the lie." That the lie is so obviously and patently untrue is the measure for the contempt this crowd has for the people, for justice and for the truth.

The same administration that holds the truth in contempt cannot tolerate diversity of opinion when it comes to climate change.

The American Dream has not died, but it is on life support.

Paul Cella has an excellent essay on the same topic:

We are fast becoming, not a nation ruled by law, not even a nation ruled by men, but a nation ruled by whim. Whim of social media fashion, whim of bureaucratic caprice, whim of officious grandstanding, whim of judicial hauteur, whim of meddlesome gossip, whim of puritanical licentiousness. At last we might find that the whim of a despot ain’t so bad compared to this. After all, a single despot must sleep.

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