“Warp bubbles” could make Star Trek-style space travel possible #rsrh #onlythemessenger

Energy question could make Star Trek warp drive possible

“NASA scientists are working on a way to power a spacecraft to distant solar systems with the use of warp drive, a fictional faster-than-light propulsion system that became popular due to the Star Trek series.

“So far the biggest hang up has been powering the high-tech propulsion system. Physicists previously dismissed the idea of speed-of-light travel, because the power source would be impractical or too expensive.

“Scientists say they might have found loop holes that prove warp drive is possible without breaking the principles of physics.

“Under the theory, a propulsion system could use so-called warp bubbles to compress the space ahead and expand the space behind it, according to Discovery News. If it worked, the spacecraft could be moved without actually moving.”

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5 Responses to “Warp bubbles” could make Star Trek-style space travel possible #rsrh #onlythemessenger

  1. “moved without really moving”… It’s nothing new. It happens in movie theaters all the time. As you can imagine, drive-in movies are somtimes different…

  2. Nelson says:

    I did notice a similar URL someplace. That’s why my new one will be nelson_spradlin.com… I’d hate to rip off anybody’s idea for a URL. 🙂

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