Every cloud has a silver lining #rsrh

Nutria cleanup nasty, slow going

“Hancock County EMA officials estimate more than 15,000 nutria — large semiaquatic rodents — that were killed by Isaac’s storm surge have washed up on the beach.

" ‘We don’t want anybody out here in the stuff,’ said Hancock County Supervisor David Yarborough. ‘They’re actually starting to swell up and bust. It smells really bad. So, any sightseers, you might want to second guess this one before you come out.’ "

Yeah, that’s bound to change the whole ambiance of the beach over there…

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2 Responses to Every cloud has a silver lining #rsrh

  1. I recall hearing, once, that someone asked Paul Prudhomme to create a market for the “semi-aquatic rodents” (or .. big wet rats) by figuring out how to make ’em tasty… he was unable to succeed.

    Perhaps they should have talked to the turkey-guts-into-oil folks instead.

    • Steve Maley says:

      Mr. Prudhomme’s recipe for blackened redfish was responsible for taking redfish off the “trash fish” list and onto the list that is actively conserved.

      His sister Enola had a restaurant a few years back between here & Opelousas. Seems like I sampled nutria chili there. They could not sell it because of gov’t restrictions; don’t know if that ever changed.

      I saw Paul Prudhomme on a plane back in June. He was looking almost svelte. God only knows how much weight he has shed.

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