Human Events: Romney energy plan makes bold contrast from Obama #rsrh

“Energy issues are central to the country’s economic revival and will be a major focus of the presidential campaign, say political observers who predict Mitt Romney’s positions on the issues will be popular with voters.

“While President Barack Obama rails against fossil fuels and supports billions of dollars in new spending for experimental sources of energy, Romney and running mate Paul Ryan support the development of the country’s natural resources as the foundation for a growing and modern economy.

“ ‘The Obama administration is the most hostile in history to the types of energy that are affordable and abundant right here at home,’ said Dan Kish, senior vice president for policy at the Institute for Energy Research in Washington, D.C. ‘The war on fossil fuels they have waged will take years to correct because they have carpet-bombed coal communities and put policies in place that will make it harder to produce oil and gas from taxpayer-owned lands controlled by the government.

“ ‘Romney and Ryan have signaled a reversal of the suicidal energy policies of the Obama administration and see the potential for job growth and economic renaissance for the nation that could come from putting our people to work producing affordable energy instead of throwing tens of billions of dollars down a rat hole pursuing energy sources that cost too much and will make America less competitive,’ Kish said.”

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