You Hate Me. You Really, Really Hate Me. #rsrh

Americans Rate Computer Industry Best, Oil and Gas Worst

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2 Responses to You Hate Me. You Really, Really Hate Me. #rsrh

  1. I hate to say this, Vladimir, but .. gas companies aren’t doing the oil and gas industry any favors at the pump. No, not just price, I know that’s largely out of their control. There’s a very clear lack of customer service, though .. pull up, swipe card, pump gas, drive off. Same no matter whose logo is on the big sign… and it *does* affect perception.

  2. citizenkla says:

    They don’t realize that there would be nothing to make their computers, including the guts, without oil & gas, and neither would they have vitamins and pharmaceuticals. That’s the problem with referring to oil and gas as energy.

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