Needed: Federal Dept. of Felines to regulate house cats. #rsrh

Study: Kitties kill 500 million birds, should be regulated


“Pet kitties and their wild feral relatives kill a shocking 500 million birds and over 3 billion other animals according to new studies, prompting a leading Washington-based bird protection group to demand that local governments order their dog catchers to snag cats too.

“One disturbing new study is based on evidence from “KittyCams” strapped on to 60 outdoor pet cats in Athens, Ga. The results: They each averaged 2.1 “kills” a week. Just 13 percent were birds, the rest voles, lizards, chipmunks, frogs and small snakes.

“Based on the joint University of Georgia-National Geographic study of pet cats and another of feral cats from the University of Nebraska, the American Bird Conservancy said over 4 billion birds and animals are killed yearly by the felines, four-times the previous estimate. The group blames the extinction of some birds on the killer cats. “Cat predation is one of the reasons why one in three American bird species are in decline,” said George Fenwick of the conservancy.”

Plus, what about kitty litter pollution? Toxoplasmosis?

Yep, everyone should just get a dog.

H/T Dennism

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6 Responses to Needed: Federal Dept. of Felines to regulate house cats. #rsrh

  1. Samuel says:

    Maybe this is all tongue in cheek, but people don’t really know the biology and could be misled.

    The bottom line is that the cats have been killing birds for years, and despite what appears to be a large number, the populations have stabilized to the environment they live in, and like if a cat didn’t thin them there would be some other cause of death, thus, if there were no cats we wouldn’t likely have that much larger of a population of small birds, and when the population got to the next higher level, some death replace cats to keep the population stable from one year to the next, in other words every birth would be followed by a death, and that would be the millions that now go to cats.

    In addition to cats, windows and cars kill millions of small birds.


  2. Gerrymaine says:

    I’ll wager that they didn’t take into account windmill farms in their study of bird population decline.

  3. eastbaylarry says:

    This would be funny if they were not serious. Like Gerrymaine says, these same folks are fine with millions of LARGE and endangered birds being killed by windmills.
    As usual, it’s really about total control of us ‘little people’.

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