Daily NK – The Why of Ri at Rungra Resort


“However, the regime is now facing a different situation, and the move is part of work to make Kim Jong Eun appear old and wise enough to rule. While part of the Party propaganda strategy focuses on Kim’s modernity derived from youth, there is another aspect that focuses on him appearing mature enough to govern. Marriage serves this element well.

“Sources in Seoul believe that Ri started out as a musician with groups including one run by the Ministry of People’s Safety, before marrying Kim Jong Eun and undergoing a six month program of ‘first lady training’ under professors from Kim Il Sung University and government officials.

“Although nothing about her career or details such as when she married Kim Jong Eun has been made public inside North Korea, now that she has been very publicly revealed as the supreme leader’s wife it is certain that efforts to idolize her will also slowly gather pace.

“This is likely to require creativity, however, since her career as a musician is insufficient for a revolutionary leader’s spouse. Kim Jong Eun’s mother Koh Young Hee was a former dancer with the Mansudae Art Troupe, but this information was deliberately struck from the public record and she was portrayed as a strong woman supporting the people’s leader, Kim Jong Il.”

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