“Crucifyin’ Al” Armendariz lands post-EPA gig. At the Sierra Club. #rsrh

Former EPA regional chief Al Armendariz, two months after resigning, joins Sierra Club’s anti-coal campaign

Al Armendariz resigned as the Environmental Protection Agency’s regional administrator in Dallas on April 30, four days after Republicans demanded his ouster for comments he made comparing his enforcement philosophy to that of imperial Rome’s use of crucifixion.

Now he’s going to work for the Sierra Club as a senior campaign coordinator of the club’s Beyond Coal campaign. He’ll be based in Austin. The Sierra Club announced the hire on Friday.

Armendariz, who left a faculty post at Southern Methodist University to take over the EPA’s programs in Texas and four adjoining states, was among the Obama administration’s highest profile and most controversial environmental officials.

Long before the damaging video with his comments became public, Texas officials and industry leaders had tagged him as anti-jobs. Armendariz always said he was just anti-pollution and pro-people.

Here’s the Sierra Club’s statement [in part]:

Former U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regional administrator Dr. Alfredo “Al” Armendariz will join the staff of the Sierra Club effective in mid-July as Senior Campaign Representative for the organization’s Beyond Coal campaign. Based inAustin, Dr. Armendariz will draw on his scientific expertise working on air, water, and climate science to help move Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas off coal-fired electricity and toward an economy powered by job-generating clean energy sources such as wind and the sun. …

— The Scoop Blog, Dallas Morning News, 6/29/12

Well, good luck with that, Dr. Al. Those would be the major natural gas producing states of TX, OK & AR, by the way. But then the Sierra Club is Beyond Gas, Oil and Nukes, too. I hear that mud huts provide their own air-conditioning.

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