The fact that Joe Coldwarrior hasn’t been banned at RedState is pretty clear evidence that the Contributors as a group agree with his message about local involvement. His method, though, is crap. I’d hate to think that he learned his skills of persuasion in the U.S. Army. If so, they’re doing it wrong.

Suggested reading (access the Amazon link through Moe Lane’s website):

I feel no need to justify my priorities and my judgment about how I spend my time and money. You presume to know a lot about me. You can learn something about my official and civic involvement, even political contributions, by using Google, because I blog under my own name. You’re not likely to learn much about my other commitments, because that’s private and personal. Let’s just say that God and family both trump politics.

For a number of reasons, I’ve decided that local party politics is not the best use of my time. I live in the second-most conservative parish in what has become a very Red state. The jungle primary system means that the individual candidates, and not the party, sets the agenda. This fall’s congressional election will likely pit two Republican incumbents in the general election. That’s a unique feature of Louisiana politics that I suspect has not factored into Mr. Coldwarrior’s criticism. (Or is it Mr. Warrior?)

And to say that the parish Republicans are moribund would be an understatement. Here is what you get when you click on “Upcoming Events” at their website: an announcement of their annual Lincoln/Reagan Dinner, featuring Judge Andrew Napolitano, February 11, 2010.

I have neither the time, skills or energy to try to fix that.

I know that there’s nothing I can say or do to get Mr. Coldwarrior to agree with me or accept my judgment. I really, honestly don’t care. What I find dismaying is the number of followers who mindlessly click the button so that his turd of a diary floats all the way to the top of the “Recommended Diaries” list, thereby stinking up the joint for days on end.

So that’s why I took my answer offsite.

Yours truly,

Steve ‘Vladimir’ Maley

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