Who will be the first to blame Clintonville WI “booms” on #fracking? #rsrh


Authorities say the reports came from the same part of the city that has been experiencing the booms for more than a week, but there were also some reports farther west, including Clinton Avenue. Several callers told police that these booms were stronger than those from last week, but no damage has been reported.

City officials have been in contact with the U.S. Geological Survey about the latest booms. City Administrator Lisa Kuss says she called them last night when the booms were reported, she says she plans to touch base with them again Wednesday morning. …

Last week, officials confirmed a magnitude 1.5 earthquake hit the city.

P.S. There probably isn’t any fracking going on within 500 miles of Clintonville. So Global Warming must be to blame.

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2 Responses to Who will be the first to blame Clintonville WI “booms” on #fracking? #rsrh

  1. beth shelton says:

    Or someone isn’t telling the turht

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