Good news: Recycler Converts Plastic To Oil @ $10/bbl #rsrh Bad news: It’s oil, duh!

Only 7 percent of plastic waste in the United States is recycled each year, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. A startup company in Niagara Falls says it can increase that amount and reduce the country’s dependence on foreign oil at the same time. …

Each barrel of oil costs about $10 to produce. JBI can sell it for around $100 through a national distributor. The young company is already producing a few thousand gallons of oil a day. It has signed lucrative deals to set up operations next to companies with large volumes of plastic waste. …

If JBI has its way, plastics will become a significant source of domestic fuel that reduces the U.S. dependence on foreign oil. But just how "green" is JBI’s recycling, when it produces a fossil fuel that pollutes just like any other?

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2 Responses to Good news: Recycler Converts Plastic To Oil @ $10/bbl #rsrh Bad news: It’s oil, duh!

  1. James says:

    We have to be clear on the reason for seeking alternative energy. Is it to satisfy demand or is it to reduce pollution? To satisfy energy demand is to reduce the economic impact of high energy prices while to reduce pollution is to reduce the negative impacts on human health associated with the increasing air, soil, and water contamination, especially in developing nations such as China. I don’t seem to hear much about pollution being a human health tragedy, as much as I hear about “climate change”, and the Obama administration has only increased the economic costs of energy, so I am absolutely confused as to the goals of the rhetoric out of Washington. One thing I am certain of, recycling plastic is a lot better than having it taking up space in a landfil, as long as it can be done safely, and turn a profit, good job!

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