O’Reilly Is An Idiot On Gas Prices » Say Anything #rsrh


Pinhead, heal thyself.

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1 Response to O’Reilly Is An Idiot On Gas Prices » Say Anything #rsrh

  1. Al Calrke says:

    socialism by any name is socialism
    he wants to improve his ratings
    just think how the gov “leaders” would slice up such a pie
    another agency, 6 czars, who decides what % I get for a year is it based on my usual fuel consumption–I can see the energy dept now
    this is a disaster as well as trying to control a market
    what urban suburban consumers cannot see is IF farmers and ranchers are paying $4= for diesel fuel (ever see a tractor with an extension cord on its rear)
    food prices will soar which leads to another gov agency HHS, USDA, commerce it goes on and on and on
    yep great idea Bill

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