An energy boom looms, despite Obama. #rsrh

The great craziness here is that even if you believe green-energy production is the ultimate answer for us, it will take years to get there unless sustained poverty is your game. Otherwise, we absolutely need oil, gas and coal. We have them, and we have them in such quantity that good days are coming as soon as development gets going full steam ahead. They will come much slower than necessary, but they will come.

The energy boom — largely a consequence of a horizontal drilling technique called fracking — has already created 158,000 new energy jobs. Here is what the American Petroleum Institute projects fairly soon, as reported by Forbes: 204,000 new jobs in Ohio, 17,000 in West Virginia, 76,000 in Pennsylvania, 20,000 in New York. A lot of this is happening now and boosting an economic recovery in a country that refuses to be defeated by pork-ridden stimulus packages, an overreaching EPA or regulations that would simply kill off ordinary people without the blessing of great resources.

Source. H/T

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