Palin joins Vladimir in slamming Obama’s SOTU Energy mush-talk. #rsrh

Link: Palin joins Vladimir in slamming Obama’s SOTU Energy mush-talk. #rsrh

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Palin slams Obama’s ‘hostility’ to oil drilling

Sarah Palin greeted President Obama’s State of the Union speech with allegations that White House energy policies will increase gasoline prices by hindering U.S. oil drilling and relying on “vague promises” about clean energy.

Obama, in Tuesday’s speech, called for greatly expanding low-carbon power sources and advanced-technology vehicles, as well as funding expanded federal green-energy research and development by repealing billions of dollars in oil-industry tax breaks.

But Palin — the former Alaska governor who might seek the 2012 GOP White House nomination — attacked the speech on her Facebook page early Thursday.

Palin writes:

Palin writes:

“When it comes to energy issues, we heard more vague promises last night as the President’s rhetoric suggested an all-of-the-above solution to meeting our country’s energy needs. But again, his actions point in a different direction. He offers a vision of a future powered by what he refers to as ‘clean energy,’ but how we will get there from here remains a mystery.”

She adds:

“In the meantime, he continues to stymie the responsible development of our own abundant conventional energy resources — the stuff we actually use right now to fuel our economy. His continued hostility towards domestic drilling means hundreds of thousands of well-paying jobs will not be created and millions of Americans will end up paying more at the pump. It also means we’ll continue to transfer hundreds of billions of U.S. dollars to foreign regimes that don’t have America’s interests at heart.”


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