Six Myths About Oil #rsrh

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The 6 Myths About Oil

Myth #1: America’s reliance on oil is an “addiction”—an irrational, self-destructive habit.

Myth #2: There are “green” technologies that are just as good, or better, than oil.
Myth #3: Because oil is finite, it will inevitably run out.
Myth #4: Because oil is mostly in other countries, they can cut us off at will and create an economic catastrophe.
Myth #5: Because oil money funds hostile dictatorships (Iran, Saudi Arabia) by using less oil we can make them poorer and make ourselves more secure.

Myth #6: Because the burning of oil produces CO2, oil is a deadly pollutant that must be severely capped.

The 6 myths about oil all count on the fact that we have not been taught to truly value or understand oil, the oil industry, and the capitalist system that have made them so prominent. 

How often do we hear that oil is a source of incredible value to human life, past, present, and future? How often do we hear about of the forward-looking ingenuity of the oil industry and other energy industries to keep finding new and better ways to harness raw materials from the earth. How often do we hear about the great benefits of international trade in energy? Almost never.

It’s time to start talking about these positives and talk about liberating, not restricting, oil production. Otherwise, in the name of being “clean” and “green” we will adopt policies that will sentence ourselves and our children to energy poverty.


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