Obama Oil Spill Commission questions moratorium

Even President Obama’s oil spill commission, packed as it is with environmentalists, lawyers and academics, questions the Obama/Salazar drilling moratorium as a means of keeping deepwater drilling safe.

Obama panel: Review drill ban

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama’s own commission investigating the Deepwater Horizon explosion is asking for an independent analysis over whether the administration’s drilling moratorium is an adequate way to ensure rig safety.

The executive director of the National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling, Richard Lazarus, wrote to the Bipartisan Policy Center think tank to do a study on the matter. …

“Although the lawfulness of the administration’s decision to issue a moratorium falls outside the president’s charge to the commission, the wisdom of using a moratorium as a method for preventing further spills in the immediate aftermath of a spill are factors for the commission to consider in making recommendations in the future,” Lazarus wrote in a letter to the center. …

The commission’s report is due Jan. 12.

January f***ing twelfth?!

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